Over the course of our 25-year history, we have delivered noteworthy results for our clients. This could not have happened without the people at Advent and the culture we have built together. Our culture shapes how we interact, allows us to thrive and focuses us on excellence in everything that we do.

Advent’s Values

A Commitment to Best-In-Class Investment Solutions

The investment track record we have maintained since inception showcases the commitment we have to excellence. Advent has been a noteworthy, institutional quality investment manager for a quarter of a century and the importance we place on best-in-class service has helped set us apart. As an asset class specialist with virtually no style drift, the specialized processes we apply to our work allow us to deliver consistent superior service while maintaining a reputation of excellence.

Fostering a Collaborative Framework

At Advent, we have no silos. Creative partnerships and diverse thinking spans multiple workstreams, projects and products; and we have found that diverse perspectives help us deliver best-in-class and institutional quality client service. To encourage collaboration, our morning investment calls are open to all members of the firm and our working environment keeps to an open office floor plan to promote cross-team engagement.

Working as a Diverse and Inclusive Team

Advent is a firm that values diversity, with more than 50% of the firm comprised of diverse or female employees. Our team has worked hard to ensure that the firm provides equal opportunities to all employees and is a strong advocate of civil rights organizations. With a strong belief that the best client solutions are born out of collaboration across varied backgrounds, we proudly partner with SEO, which recruits and trains accomplished Black, Hispanic and Native American college students, and with women-owned recruitment firms, such as SG Partners.

Maintaining an Ability to Adapt

Having the right team in place has helped us ensure that we are prepared to meet even the toughest challenges presented by varied crises including COVID-19, the September 11 attacks, and the 2008 global financial crisis. Our highly experienced team, which has faced tumultuous market conditions in the past, was able to utilize its skills and experiences to navigate an unprecedented series of market and operational shocks. Our ability to adapt allowed us to maintain our high standards of service whilst continuing to deliver strong risk-adjusted returns for clients even during these most challenging times.

Creating a Diverse and Inclusive Environment

We champion diversity because it is essential to our ability to offer our clients the best and most thoughtful solutions. We cultivate inclusion because we believe people do their best work when they can be their true selves. Advent has always made proactive efforts to promote diverse pools of candidates in hiring, recruiting, retention and promotion. We are proud to work with SEO, which recruits and trains accomplished Black, Hispanic and Native American college students, and with women-owned recruitment firms, such as SG Partners. The firm also welcomes candidates from countries around the world with a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Advent's President and CIO, Tracy Maitland, is a graduate of Columbia University and often acts as a mentor to Columbia students as they seek out their futures in finance. Advent also partners with other colleges to recruit minority and women candidates for summer internships and other positions. Tracy has also worked closely with Icon Mann, an organization committed to positively transforming the dialogue and imaging of African Americans through content and community engagement. Advent also supports employee membership to organizations such as 100 Women in Finance, Women in Insurance & Financial Services and Texas Wall Street Women.

In order to define diversity and inclusion strategic objectives for the firm, Advent also maintains a dedicated D&I Committee. The committee meets regularly to ensure the promotion of cultural inclusivity, discuss any issues relating to equality in the workplace, edify staff on relevant D&I considerations, formulate recommendations and identify opportunities to engage with Advent’s broader community.

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