ESG & Responsible Investment Philosophy

Advent is committed to helping our clients achieve their long-term financial goals in a thoughtful and disciplined manner. Environmental, social, and governance considerations are therefore consciously implemented as both a means to create individual, tailored client solutions and to create positive impact on the value, performance and reputation of the investments we make on behalf of our clientele.

Advent is a UNPRI signatory and has a dedicated ESG Committee that meets on a regular basis to further the firm’s commitment to ESG. The Committee is responsible for maintaining the ESG policy, offering research, training, development, and the tools required to properly integrate ESG into the firm’s culture. This committee works in conjunction with the investment team to implement our ESG philosophy into the investment process.

Our Guiding ESG Principles

  • Advent embraces research and education of ESG criteria in pursuit of our continuous commitment to understanding the opportunities and risks to each of our clients and investment strategies.
  • Advent gives equal consideration to ESG investment opportunities and transacts where we believe the investment will enhance the portfolio’s risk and portfolio return characteristics.
  • Advent works closely with clients to implement tailored solutions that reflect our unique and specific views on social, environmental, and corporate governance issues.
  • Advent is committed to sharing our progress on ESG integration at the request of our clients and other stakeholders.

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