Balanced Convertibles

Advent’s Balanced Convertibles Strategies capture the essence of convertible investing by focusing on opportunities in the “balanced” part of the market (convertibles trading within the 50%-85% delta range) where we believe we can capture the upside potential of the equity market with only a portion of the risk.  As securities move out of this balanced “sweet spot” of the market, we scale back the investment to help position the portfolios for positive asymmetric returns.

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Balanced Convertible Strategy

The Balanced Convertible Strategy seeks a high total return by investing in a portfolio of USD denominated convertible securities that provide equity-like returns, while seeking to limit downside risk. Balanced Convertible portfolios can be customized for investors with more stringent credit quality restrictions or risk-asset limits as needed.

Global Balanced Convertible Strategy

The Global Balanced Convertible Strategy seeks attractive returns through a portfolio of global convertible securities with attractive risk/reward profiles offering equity-like returns, while limiting downside risk.

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