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At Advent, we understand the importance of providing investors with timely access to relevant news associated with our firm. This page includes recent news as well as previously issued announcements.

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    You Don’t Have to Choose Between Stocks or Bonds

    Convertible bonds provide an option for investors beyond traditional stocks and bonds, and are often more profitable. Our COO, Kris Haber, discussed the strong performance of convertible bonds and their overall benefits with U.S. News & World Report.

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    Benefits of Convertible Bonds in a Solvency II Environment

    European insurers will benefit from switching from bonds and equities into convertibles under Solvency II, argues Hart Woodson, Managing Director of Portfolio Management, and Dan Partlow, Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer, Advent Capital Management.

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    PetSmart Lenders Are Worried About a Spinoff

    Harini Chundu, credit analyst, Advent Capital Management, is quoted in an article in Bloomberg Markets on how PetSmart’s acquisition of might affect the business. By Eliza Ronalds-Hannon and Phoebe Robinson

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    Passing Stress Tests with Convertible Bond Strategies

    A byline article by Dan Partlow, Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer, Advent Capital Management, and Hart Woodson, Managing Director of Portfolio Management for the firm, focuses on using convertible bonds to help pass Solvency II stress tests in Europe.

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    Investors Dive Back into Opportunistic Credit

    FundFire’s Chris Larson interviews Kris Haber, Chief Operating Officer, Advent Capital Management, and Odell Lambroza, Principal and Chief Strategist at the firm, on the rising demand for opportunistic credit.

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    Why Donald Trump Should be Great for Convertible Bonds

    A co-byline article authored by Hart Woodson, Managing Director, Advent Capital Management and David Hulme, Managing Director at the firm, on how convertible bonds stand to see an increase in activity due to high inflation and volatility following the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

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    Convertible Bonds Catch a Ride on Equity Rally

    Hart Woodson, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager, Advent Capital Management, provides insight on market volatility leading to more issuance of convertible bonds.

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    The Time is Right for Convertible Bonds

    Barron’s Amey Stone discusses whether income-focused investors should look to convertible securities to tap into equity performance for less risk. Tracy Maitland, president of Advent Capital Management, offers his thoughts.

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